Do You Feel Me . . .

Kirk Whalum and I go along way back. Although we have never been formally introduced, I attended one of his shows, when I visited New Orleans. I listened to a few of his albums over the years, but as my workout regimen increased, Smooth Jazz, become almost nonexistent from my music library. 

I was preparing to write an article. On that particular day, I felt the need to have music playing in the background. I clicked on Apple Music, and it showed icons of musicians from my music library. The first artist was Kirk Whalum. Fortuitous for me, the first song that played was the aforementioned title of this article. 

I began tapping my fingers on the desk. Bobbing my head, and stomping my feet as if I were playing the piano. 

I had an epiphany . . .  

Let me provide a backstory before revealing what it was. 

The study of human movement is known as Biomechanics. I recalled being in a gym where elderly members came to have their blood pressure taken. I watched in amazement what they did after it was checked, nothing.  

I mean they did absolutely nothing useful, unless you count their discussion about what body parts they no longer had, or that they did have, which no longer worked. 

They just sat there. I soon found out that this was a weekly occurrence. They had their blood pressure checked. They talked about inoperable body parts. They waited for the bus to pick them up, and returned them from whence they came, only to repeat the ritual all over, the following week. 

I could not believe what I was seeing. Something had to be done. These individuals’ twilight years could not be spent in such a manner. I asked the lady, who took their blood pressure if it was mandatory to have it done in that part of the gym. 

There was a room on the ground floor that was used for group exercise sessions. I asked her to set up the table and medical equipment in there. She was reluctant at first, but finally acquiesced when I told her what I had planned. 

I could hardly wait for the following week to arrive to put my plan in action . . . 

B.M.Booth (NASM-CPT) 


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