I’ll Take You There . . .

A torrential downpour started as I walked across the gym’s parking lot. I was happy that I made it to the door and did not get wet. My exuberance was short lived though, when I realized that I left my Sony Earbuds in the car. 

I became disgusted at the thought of having to run back to the car to retrieve them. It wasn’t worth it. I decided to listen to the gym’s music. Not that it would really matter. When I became engrossed in my workout, the music is an afterthought.  

I walked on the treadmill for 5 minutes to warm up. I did several stretches encompassing different body parts to loosen up my muscles. 

I had just picked up a pair of 55 pounds dumbbells, to do my first set of Chest Press, when the song, “I’ll Take You There, blared over the gym’s speaker. 

Oh, mmm, I know a place 

Ain’t nobody cryin’ 

Ain’t nobody worried 

Ain’t no smilin’ faces, mm-mm, no no 

Lyin’ to the races 

Help me, come on, come on 

Somebody, help me now (I’ll take you there) 

Help me now (I’ll take you there) 

All of sudden I had an overwhelming thought . . . 

Is that not what I am paid to do? As a Certified Personal Trainer, I am paid to help individuals achieve results.

No one wants to workout with me!

That is not why he or she gives me their hard-earned money.  

I am very straightforward when I explain my intentions. You pay me to kick your @ss, until you can do it on your own.  

The song clearly laid out my objectives. I will take you to a place where you won’t be smiling. I don’t know about crying though. You will need help as I put you through the grueling paces, which is necessary to elicit maximal muscle growth. 

I know that the onlookers, watching me train you, won’t lift a hand to help you. When the high intensity techniques are more than you can bear. When you can’t do another rep. When you want to “cry uncle”.  

Somebody, help me now (The Staple Singers, Lyrics by Al Bell, 1972) 

I won’t pity you. Not at the expense of you achieving results. Workouts that don’t challenge you are useless.  

Mechanical Tension, Mechanical Trauma, and Metabolic Stress, are techniques utilized to cause muscle damage. High Intensity Interval Training, where you go all-out, balls-to-the wall-sprints, should have you feeling like you are close to death’s door. 

Mercy now (I’ll take you there) 

I’m callin’, callin’, callin’, for mercy (I’ll take you there) 

Mercy, mercy (I’ll take you there) 

You got, you got, you gotta let me, let me (I’ll take you there) 

The question for you to answer is are you willing to go through all that for the sake of shedding unwanted pounds, gaining muscles, and ridding yourself finally of unsightly body fat? 

I know the place! 

No smiling faces up in there! 

Will you let me take you . . .? 



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