Now Is the Time to ACT . . .

I wrote an article almost 3 years ago that is appropriate for the New Year of 2023. It was entitled the Migration. It appears that little has changed since I wrote it. The main point of the article is what happens every New Year. 

Individuals filled with excitement for the upcoming year make resolutions that he or she will become fit. They signed up for gym memberships. They vowed this year will be different. They will exercise. They will eat better. They will become more active.  

Sadly, and all too often this exuberance fades after a few weeks. What happened? Surely, they intended to follow through when they made the resolution? 

Why is it that 95% of the people who join a gym, quit within the first six weeks? 

While there is a myriad of excuses that he or she will exclaim, the truth of the matter is that neither made a commitment, nor sought the help of a professional, to help them attain their goals. 

Commitment is the inner resolution to go forward in spite of all obstacles and frightening situations. 

Without a firm commitment, and a road map to achieve their fitness goals, the average person becomes dispirited, disillusioned, and is powerless to ACT. 




Once the impetus to make a change has been conceived it must be followed immediately by Action. It seems as an oxymoron, but Action must precede change.  

Changes will not come about unless one has made a firm conviction to take Action. Therefore, it is crucial that the individual make a commitment, which emboldens his or her confidence, to change things. 

Things, do not change on their own. It requires a resolute and indomitable spirit that the individual will achieve their fitness goals. 

Now is the time to ACT!  

It means getting off the Lazy Boy or whatever comfortable chair you happened to be sitting in. It means dedicating yourself to a life of fitness. It means stop bargaining with the price to achieve success. It means seeing that your self deprecating reasons for not exercising, are actually excuses.

The E in the word RESULTS does not stand for EXCUSES

Make 2023, the year you take Action, in order to make Changes, to ultimately get Things done!

Bradley Booth (NASM-CPT) 


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