I’d Rather Run With One . . .

Now don’t get me wrong!  

I would love to help all the individuals I can, but I have learned that not all who seek help really want it. There are those who gripe that they want to lose weight. While others grumble that they can’t gain muscles. 

Each of the individuals I just described claimed that they want to transform their physique, but are unwilling to do anything to bring such a change about. They are time wasters.  Novice trainers, would be wise to learn this particular individual’s character trait early on, to avoid the stress of having to chase behind them. 

They will be late to scheduled workout sessions. They will call at the last minute and cancel the workout. They will come up with a myriad of excuses why they can’t make it. In the end, they will blame you (the trainer) for the lack of success in achieving their fitness goals. 

I sat down with a woman who expounded on why she wanted to lose weight. When I laid out the regimen, she would need to do to accomplish her goals, she readily agreed. I soon found out after the third workout session that her weight loss goals were not as important to her, as she had made them out to be. 

First, there were calls that something came up at work, and she could not make it to the gym. Then, it was family obligations that always materialized at the last minute. Finally, the excuses became more elaborate and bordered on the incredulous of why she could not make her workout sessions. 

This experience proved beneficial for me and paved the way for the philosophy . . . 

I’d rather run with one than drag twenty! 

Give me the person that comes to the gym before their appointed workout session. What I want to work with is a “doer.” Simply put a doer is someone who does what you tell him or her to do. 

So much can be accomplished with such a person. Time is not wasted looking for them to show up for their workouts. They are not continually taking bathroom breaks. They are not fumbling with their music, trying to find the right songs to get them in the mood to exercise.  

The aforementioned individuals are not doers, and have no desire to achieve anything. They don’t want a personal trainer. What they want is someone to share in their misery. They are obese and content to stay that way. They want a nursemaid. 

I don’t have time. I will not waste one precious moment coddling them, when I could be working with someone else, who is hellbent of achieving his or her fitness goals.  

When you hire me, you’re getting a professional. My sole purpose is to kick your @ss, until you can do it on your own.  

One of the most difficult roads to traverse on the fitness journey is developing the mind, to build the body. Most individuals talk about transforming their physique, but are unwilling to kick their own @ss in order to achieve it. 

It is an arduous journey, fraught with many pitfalls and setbacks. You hire a personal trainer, to help you navigate the road successfully.  

“I will use whatever means I deemed necessary, to help you achieve your fitness goals. You will be running on fumes, to the finish line.” 

“What if I am unable to?” 

“Then I will not be your trainer. As I stated when we first started on your fitness journey . . . 

I’d rather run with one . . . 

“Unless you drop dead from exhaustion, which would be the only way, I’d be dragging you.” 

B.M.Booth (NASM-CPT) 


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