Relentless . . .

I did not notice it at first. It wasn’t until someone brought it to my attention that the statement held any credence. 

The person had labeled me relentless. I fully understood the meaning of the word, but wondered what I had done to be dubbed with that particular distinction. Curious, I queried, and was told that a demonic scowl overspread my face the moment I entered the gym. 

I thought the statement was utter nonsense, and given the innocuous way it was verbalized, gave it no further thought. A month later an incident occurred, which brought the statement back to the forefront. 

I was doing triceps pushdowns, at the cable station with a rope attachment. Next to me, a young lady was doing lat pulldowns. She haphazardly let go of the bar and it almost hit me. All of a sudden, a young man, which I assumed was her boyfriend, came running over to her. He apologized profusely to me, and quickly ushered her away. 

What was all that about?  

I shrugged it off, and continued with my workout. I reflected on the incident as I walked out of the gym. I recalled my expression because I could see my face in the mirror. I had merely smiled. The young lady had put her hands over her mouth.  

Her look of dismay. Had she seen the demonic scowl? Was she embarrassed by her actions or fearful of what she thought me capable of if the bar had indeed hit me? My only clue to the latter was the speed at which her boyfriend came and pulled her away. 

I have no fiendish inclinations. I put my earbuds in as I exit car. Crank up the music, which puts me in the frame of mind to workout. The termed attributed to me of being relentless, may be true, and perhaps is the source of my serendipitous transformation. 

I am totally engrossed in my workouts, and oblivious to everything and everyone around me. I have written of this in previous articles. I go to the gym to kick ass, and preferably my own. This may be the reason others find me unyielding severe, strict, or even harsh as I breakdown my body in order for it to grow. 

As a Personal Trainer, my methods are unorthodox, and could be termed as relentless. I take my commitment to assist clients in obtaining their fitness goals very seriously. I can be unduly critical and demanding, when asking for a certain number of reps and sets.  

I get paid to achieve results. Nothing less will do. To transform one’s body. To rid oneself of excessive body fat. To carve out a lean physique requires a great deal of relentlessness. 

Become one of my clients at your own peril. In order to build your body, I must first begin with your mind. Perhaps after utilizing my training methodology, you too will discover that a demonic scowl has overspread your face, as you work tirelessly to achieve your fitness goals. 

Bradley Booth (NASM, CPT)


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