The Longest Road . . .

I always tell individuals who query what it will take to become fit, the absolute truth regardless if they want to hear it or not. As a personal trainer, my goal is to help individuals reach their fitness goals. What I will not do however is hoodwinked them into thinking the road to a healthier lifestyle is going to be easy. 

Whenever I hear the question what does it take to become fit? What is really being asked is how long will it take? Sadly, they are discouraged by the answer. What these individuals are looking for is a quick fix. Body transformation without any work. A magic elixir they can ingest that will shed unwanted and unsightly body fat. 

They cannot comprehend why it would take so long, and worse, why they have to work so hard to lose weight. They do not realize that their corpulent state evolved over years of unhealthy eating habits, coupled with a sedentary lifestyle. Dispirited and disillusioned they seek alternatives that does not involve discipline and hard work to achieve their fitness goals. 

Statistics show that 95% of individuals who join a gym quit within the first six months. What happened to these individuals? They signed up with good intentions. They believed that their goals were attainable. Why did they give up on their quest to transform their bodies?

Consistency is the culprit. 

The longest road on any fitness journey is consistency over time. Most fledgling gym joiners believe that they possess the necessary knowledge to change their physique. They mistakenly believe that all is needed is to lift weights. Why most of them fail is they have no plan on how to achieve their fitness goals. Week after week they lift weights and notice no change in their physique. Others set unreasonable expectations, and become disenchanted with their lack of results. 

It takes 6 to 8 weeks to see a modicum of change. Some of the aforementioned individuals have quit by then. They needed help, but were too obstinate to admit it, let alone seek it.  

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.  

Whenever I come across these individuals, I am deluged with stories of why they failed. It is never their fault. The trainer was no good. The gym was always crowded. I did not have time. Work always got in the way. Then there is the myriad of medical ailments that forced them to abandoned their fitness journey. 

Whatever they professed, the real reason, when the excuses have been stripped away was his or her lack of putting forth consistent effort. Without a plan, a roadmap, or someone to guide them on their fitness journey, the average person’s lack of consistency resulted in abject failure.

I need a plan? 

I can’t merely sling weights around? I need to have a mind muscle connection? I need to watch what I eat? I have to do cardio? I have to work out how many times per week? I need a trainer?

Indeed, you do. 

The road on your fitness journey is long, fraught with obstacles and plateaus, which a certified personal trainer can help you navigate. 

Why most individuals will not let a personal trainer help them . . .

B.M.Booth (NASM, CPT) 


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