Why Should I Listen to You (Part 3)

You are dependent one me in the beginning. I have the knowledge and expertise to train you.  

We then move to independent, where you understood what you were taught. You can go to the gym, and exercise on your own.  

The final stage is interdependent. This is where you and I collaborate on your fitness journey. You fully understand how you want your physique to look, and can offer input, so the plan we create helps you achieve success.  

However, the longest road is consistency over time. The world clamors after instant gratification, and unscrupulous purveyors of health and fitness products use this to their advantage. I characterized them as snake oil salesman from a bygone era. 

They advertised that you can get six pack abs without doing a single exercise. Burn fat without doing cardio. Get that bubble butt you want without squatting. Just drink this, take this supplement, and you will be on the way to obtaining your dream physique. 

Here is the reality. You did not become overweight overnight. The first year of the pandemic is when it all began. You became sedentary, started binge eating, and over the course of the year, your weight ballooned. It will take you approximately the same amount of time to lose it, and only if your consistent to stay on course. 

While you were sedentary, I use every method possible to exercise while the gyms were closed. I parked at the farthest spot so I would have to walk to the store. I took the dog on lengthy walks. I ran on the track in the park. I rode the Peloton. In fact, the shirt you claimed as your own, I got for achieving one of their thirty days challenges. 

Emotional stability comes from commitment. Achieving anything worthwhile comes from commitment and consistency. 

Why should you listen to me . . .? 

That will be up to you to decide. I am committed to an ideal. You asked me to help you regain your physique, but I will not stand idly by while you waver on your commitments.  

I will exceed your efforts. I will push to do more than even you think you are capable of doing. In the end, you judge me on the results you have attained, which comes if you can truly say that everything, I have asked you to do, you’ve done. 

If you have and don’t see the results, then I’m not the one you should be listening to.  If you haven’t, but I have gotten results, then you need to ask yourself, who have you been listening to.