Why is it that 98% fail and only 2% succeed in whatever endeavor they undertake?

Could it be that FOF and FOS are to blame?

Look at individuals from all walks of life, from any profession, and engaged in any worthwhile endeavor and the results are unerringly the same. The overwhelming majority are mired in abject utter failure.

Surely, this cannot be true. If someone was on the path of failure, and they knew it, would he or she not take corrective action, to ensure success?

Perhaps he or she would if either understood about the debilitating nature of FOF and FOS.

FOF and FOS, I can almost hear you repeating to yourself.

What the devil are those?

Each are on different sides of the spectrum. Both will turn well laid plans asunder. Individuals ignorant of each power will be left disillusioned, dispirited, and quit before their carefully constructed goals has a chance to reach fruition.

FOF: Fear of Failure . . .

The irrepressible thought that conjures up an individual’s low self-esteem and self-worth, culminating that whatever goals one tries to reach will result in failure.

I’m not good enough.

He or She is better than me.

I’m not discipline as you.

I will always be fat.

I was born a loser.

I wasn’t born lucky.

Everybody gets all the breaks but me.

This overwhelming fear encompasses everything a person does, which renders he or she incapable of visualizing a positive outcome.

They expect failure. They are consumed by failure. They speak in terms of failure. 

His or her expectations manifest in what each has sown, and the end results is what was spoken into existence.

You do not get in life what you want, but what you expect . . .

Wait, the other side is just as insidious!

B.M.Booth (NASM-CPT)