Help Me, Help You . . .

This has occurred more often than I can or care to remember. Surprisingly and unerringly, always culminating in the same outcome. 

I am often deluged with requests to assist an individual in achieving their fitness goals. In the beginning, I made the folly of believing that all who sought help really wanted it. I soon discovered that what most wanted was a sympathetic ear to listen to them as they vented their frustrations. 

It is because of these occurrences that I strengthened my resolve, not to endeavor to be everything for everyone. I know now that although I can be of great help to anyone wishing to transform his or her physique, I cannot help everyone. 

Help me, help you is simply a paradigm shift I made in ascertaining whether or not I can assist an individual achieve his or her fitness goals.  

You may think of me as a mercenary for hire.  

What you pay me for, (pardon the lurid analogy) is to kick your @ss until you can do it on your own. This is what I am not . . . 

  • I am not your psychiatrist (although in motivating you I have been known to use psychological methods) 
  • I am not your babysitter (although after an intense workout with me, your bed is a welcome retreat) 
  • I am not your friend (although some claim my demanding and unyielding pursuit to help them achieve their fitness goals makes me better than their actual friends) 

What I am is nothing short of a drill sergeant who is hellbent on ensuring you get exactly what you paid for.  

  • If you’re fat (I will help you obliterate your unsightly and unwanted pounds) 
  • If you want to gain muscles (I will push you past the point of failure in order for your muscles to grow)

I don’t . . .

  1. I don’t help you by coddling you! 
  1. I don’t help you by listening to your self deprecating thoughts! 
  1. I don’t help you by allowing you to quit, when you’re capable of so much more! 
  1. I don’t help you by accepting your excuses as valid reasons for not achieving your fitness goals! 

The longest road on your fitness journey is being committed over time. More than a commitment to me is the commitment you make to yourself.  

You weren’t born fat; you chose to become that way. 

Can I help you? (The answer is obvious) 

As a Certified Personal Trainer, I took an oath to help those who have hired me achieve their fitness goals. However, there is a more pertinent question . . . 

Have you met the criteria that makes me want to take you on as a client, which helps me, help you? 

B.M.Booth (NASM-CPT)