About the Author . . .

Ask me to write on any subject, and given time to do research, I can come up with anything. Ask me to write about the one subject I should be an authority on, myself, and that is another story. 

As I stare at an almost empty document, except for the three words, “About the Author”, which I typed for the header, I’m at a loss as what to write. 

Surely, you jest, I can imagine the reader saying to his or herself. How can that possibly be that a person who has written innumerable articles, a book, and is a speaker, would suddenly be at a loss for words. 

How can one be terse, as well as provide the reader with enough information, so they can glean the personality of the author, without it sounding as if one is being rodomontade. There lies the conundrum. 

 Personally, I am a husband and father. Professionally, I am a freelance writer, and speaker. Include being a fitness and technology fanatic, the picture would be almost complete. 

From my earliest recollections, I have always seen the world from a different perspective. Seldom understood, and content to follow the path less traveled, I am most at ease when writing.  

Perhaps, I am not that different after all, since what anyone really wants from what I have observed, is for their life to have meaning, and more importantly to achieve whatever divine purpose, they were put upon the earth to accomplish. 

B.M.Booth (NASM-CPT)