Speak What Isn’t . . .

The caustic, and disparaging words being uttered was not directed at someone. How could that be you may be asking. Surely, the deprecating laced tirade had to be spewed at another. If not, then who or what was the vitriol intended for? 

While it may be true that the world is filled with mean spirited and hateful individuals, whose contemptible verbiage renders the faint of heart to tears. The main culprit, culpable for the debilitating comments I have just described takes place between an individual’s ears. 

How could that be? 

The reason it goes unnoticed because we are not cognizant of what we are truly proclaiming about ourselves. The despicable comments if stated by someone else would surely raise another’s ire, but because the origination is ourself, it slithers of a person’s tongue without a hint of resistance as the gospel truth. 

I can’t do this! 

I can’t lift that! 

I’m not lucky. 

I’ve never amounted to much. 

No one likes me!

She’s prettier than me. 

He gets all the breaks. 

I’m fat!

I’m ugly!

I’ll never fit into that dress. 

I’m not handsome!

She will never go out with me. 

You can do it, but not me. 

I’m not as discipline as you! 

On and on these self-deprecating falsehoods are uttered until the person mouthing the words believe them to be true. 

“Speak what isn’t as if it were.” 

The above phrase is not the same as what I have been alluding to. Some would say that the idiom is not easily distinguishable. In fact, they would argue that the expression is about lying to oneself.  

Incredulous as it may seem, the aforementioned derogatory comments about oneself, which when declared by another would be characterized as a lie, goes virtually unrecognized. These self-deprecating comments are spoken so easily that the speaker is unaware of their insidious and debilitating nature. 

Have you ever really considered why you cannot do a thing? 

What does it really mean to “speak what isn’t as if it were?” 



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