Mental Toughness . . .

“Whatever affects the mind will ultimately affect the body?” 

Some would argue that it is the other way around. Whatever affects the body will ultimately affect the mind. I learned very early on that it’s the mind that wins out in the end. 

I made the mistake in the beginning when I trained someone by focusing on transforming their physique, and paying little attention to their mental makeup. As I continue to study and evolve in my role as a Certified Personal Trainer, I have discovered that the mind should be the primary focus. 

Mental toughness can be defined as an individual’s ability to confront life’s myriad of challenges, and not have it affect them adversely.  

Why would someone need mental toughness to change their physique? 

“In order to build the body, one must first begin with the mind.” 

The toughest road on the fitness journey is being consistent over time. Once an individual has made up his or her mind to change their physique, and a goal has been set, the floodgates of obstacles start to wash away all their best laid plans. 

The naysayers who doubt your ability to achieve your goal. Well-meaning friends cautioning that the road you’ve undertaken is too arduous for you. Your spouse, who criticizes your ambitious goals, and claims you’re taking time away from the family. Work issues that seem to materialize every time you need to go to the gym. 

If these were not enough to doom most fitness efforts, the debilitating thoughts that he or she is not tough enough to complete the goal allows self-doubt to creep in.  

It is at this juncture one finds out what he or she is made of, and if the need to change their physique, has become an overwhelming burning desire that must be achieved at all cost.  

How BIG is your why? 

  • Why do you want to change your physique? 
  • How would this change affect your lifestyle? 
  • What challenges do you foresee, and how will you overcome them? 
  • How much work are willing to do to reach your fitness level? 
  • What have you tried in the past to stay motivated, to lead a more active lifestyle? 

The purpose of these questions is twofold. First, it enables me to see the individual’s dedication in truly wanting to make a change, and second, it allows me to see if he or she possesses the 3 E’s, which must be present in order for me to work with them. 



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