I know you have seen them. Perhaps you are one of them as well. Individuals who go to the gym, and there are no visible changes in their physique. Disheartened, disillusioned and dispirited, these individuals quit, and return to a lifestyle that precludes any form of exercise. 

Now before you move on to something else in disgust, hear me out for second, if the individual I just described is you. 

Transforming one’s physique takes time as with anything worth having in life. It takes a great deal of time, dedication, to change a sedentary body and an attitude averse to physical exertion, which has hardened over the years. 

Where most individuals go wrong is not understanding that bodybuilding is a science. One must first learn basic muscle anatomy, and how each function, in order to be effective. How to breathe is another essential component in order to maximize power. 

However, what derails must individuals from what I’ve seen thus far is their lifting weights as opposed to building muscles. 

What! I hear you shouting. Are the two not the same? 


The individual who frequents the gym and lift weights, even if they see a modicum of results, leave so much gains behind because of their improper movements. They think they know how to lift. I see it all too often. Individuals slinging weights around the gym.  

If you cannot control the weight, you are not building muscles. True, that a weight that taxes the muscles will elicit growth, but making that same muscle work will also cause it to grow.  

Now, don’t get me wrong. I waste no time watching other people in the gym. I am too focused on the workout plan for the body parts being trained. Then what caused this train of thought, and led me to write this article? 

I had just completed a set of triceps pushdown, when an elderly gentlemen walked up to me.  

“You make that look so easy.” 

“Uh,” I said, removing my ear buds. 

“I was saying, you made that look easy.” 

He drew my attention to other participants in the gym. I saw contorted facial expressions. Heard loud grunts. Things up to that moment, which I never noticed. I nodded, and went on to complete my workout. 

As I walked to the locker room, and looked around the gym, I realized what had probably made the man make his statement . . . 



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