Excusitis . . . (Go Anyway)

Tell me if this has ever happened to you. You’re going along with your humdrum life. Nothing exciting going on. In fact, the days are so similar that you often lose track of the week. Then one day it happens, and you finally realized that your sedentary lifestyle has led you to a corpulent state. 

As you look in the mirror, there is simply no denying, you’re fat. You make a decision to do something about it. You formulate a plan that you will join a gym. You will do some form of exercise 3 times a week. 

You purchased sneakers. You splurged on gym attire. You buy a gym bag, and water bottles. You go all in on this fitness journey. You mark the date on the calendar of your first session in the gym. 

The date has arrived . . . 

You are excited. You’re going after work. You get an urgent call on your way to the gym. It takes almost 35 minutes to resolve, and with it, the zeal to go to the gym is gone. No matter, you think to yourself, I will merely reset and go tomorrow.  

The next day, pressing issues at work gets in the way. The entire week passes, and it seems that some force is hellbent on you not going to the gym. 

“What is going on,” you cry out in despair. “Why is this happening to me?” 

Very simple, you have set a goal. You want to achieve something. The whirlwind that disrupts all well laid plans have been set in motion, to see if you really want to succeed. 

The only way to get pass this juncture when mayhem rears its ugly head, and gives you what appears to be a legitimate excuse, not to go, Go Anyway. Whatever obstacles is strewn in your path, which would make you decide not to go and exercise, ignore them and Go Anyway

Over time these occurrences will cease because you have developed the resolve to build your body and change your physique. If you succumb, you will fall victim to the dreaded disease of excusitis.  

“I wanted to go, but now I’m too tired.” 

“I have to wake up early for work.” 

“I will go tomorrow.” 

“The gym will be crowded.” 

“I have to wait for a machine.”  

These examples of excuses are simply that. They crop up the moment you decide to go to the gym. Invariably it seems to happen only when you have made up your mind to go. Don’t be hoodwinked into thinking that excuses are valid reasons for not going. 

When besieged by excusitis follow this simple formula: 

“I’m too tired.” (Go Anyway) 

“I have to be at work early in the morning.” (Go Later That Evening) 

“I will go tomorrow.” (Go Today) 

“The gym will be crowded.” (Go Anyway) 

“I have to wait for a machine.” (Go Anyway) 

“It’s hopeless, I will always be fat.” (Go Anyway) 

Taking action is the only way to rid yourself of excusitis. So, no matter what tries to get in the way of you going to gym. The physique you desire, one day will be yours, if you simply ignore the excuses . . . 




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