You’re Fat . . .

The doctor said all the tests came back inconclusive. Yet, he still left with a worried look on his face. What will he say when he returns? What caused the shortness of breath? Did they find something?  

These thoughts and a slew of others bombard your brain as you sit on the examination table. Finally, the doctor enters the room. He tells you that the tests showed no abnormalities. 

“I’m OK, then!” 

“Not necessarily.” 


“Mr. Brooks, you are morbidly obese.” 


“In more simpler terms, you’re fat!” 

The doctor goes on to explain that if you don’t do something about being overweight, it will lead to more complicated medical problems, and the shortness of breath was the first warning sign. Your wife nervously enters the room. The doctor informs you that a lifestyle change is needed, which consists of better nutritional choices and exercise. 

The silence in the car on the ride home is deafening.  You wonder why she’s not saying anything. You keep playing the doctor’s words over and over in your mind. Morbidly obese, and you’re fat is all you can think about. 

She pulls up in front of the house, but neither of you get out of the car. 

“I know someone,” she blurts out. “He can help you.” 

“With what?” 

“Are you serious,” she yells. “Weren’t you listening to the doctor? You have to lose weight.” 

“My tests came back, OK.” 

“You’re joking right. The doctor said, ‘you are morbidly obese.’ You can’t even walk without gasping for breath.” 

“I’m fine!” 

“No, you’re not!” 

You could hear a pin drop in the house in the days that followed. Your wife is not speaking to you. You’re in denial. What is a little shortness of breath? The doctor said my tests showed no abnormalities. EKG good. Blood pressure good. O2 sat good. CT scan good. What’s all the fuss about? 

You decide to appease her to bring harmony back into the house. You asked who she knows, but she remains silent. 

“OK,”  you bellowed. “You win . . . ” 

B.M.Booth (NASM-CPT)


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