You Know Them . . .

We know them all too well. Perhaps we are even one of them. Each year, they make a resolution that this time will be different. Some even pound their chest while exclaiming that they are really serious this time. Sadly, and all too often, the spirit in which the resolution was made to go the gym, after a week or two fall by the wayside. 

What happened . . .? 

Surely, they were serious when they decided to change their physique. A look in the mirror, in their birthday suit convinced them that something had to be done. Stepping on the scale and groaning in agony, because the body fat percentage signifies that they are obese. These scenarios have been played out time and time again, yet the impetus to make the necessary changes, abates a week into the new year. 

Why . . .? 

I have studied this particular phenomenon with a great deal of interest. My curiosity peaked because some of these individuals are successful in other facets of their lives, but are unable and unwilling to pay the ultimate price that would cause a change. 

Lies . . .! 

“I will start next week. I am not fat; I am just big boned. I could exercise if I really want to. If only the gym was closer. I am much too busy to workout now. It takes too long. I don’t want to spend all day in the gym.” 

The myriad of excuses is endless, but each one true to the person uttering the words, because it is what each genuinely believes. So as each new year approaches, it becomes increasingly difficult to make the necessary paradigm shift, until some condition forces the realization that a change must be made. 

Change . . .! 

This story chronicles such a change . . .



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