Reflection . . .

I had to chuckle today as I looked at myself in the mirror. Several years ago, I had purchased a compression top, not knowing what they were for, and was appalled at the way it looked on me. The most glaring areas were the oversized stomach area, and the cellulite that clung to my undeveloped obliques. 

I decided not to discard my compression top, and in fact purchased bottoms as well, after learning that they aided in one’s ability to recover from strenuous exercise. In the beginning, they were the most unflattering garments I own, and subsequently they were left in the bottom of my dresser draw. 

I recalled my wife querying why had I purchased so many, if the only purpose they would serve was to be eaten by moths. I could not let her see me in them, but deep down those tight-fitting garments fueled my fitness desire. I envisioned the day when they could be worn and actually embellish my physique as oppose to detracting from it.  

A year into my fitness journey, I had tried them on several times, and finally tossed them in the bottom of the drawer when no sign of progress could be clearly seen. I had totally forgotten about them until the following winter, when I decided to use them as base layers.  

In the meantime, I had switched from using machines to free weights. I also changed my workout regimen, and researched programs that enabled me to exercise a different body part each day. I became so obsessed with changing my physique that I was in the gym no less that 6 days a week, at the exclusion of mostly everything else. 

So, you can imagine the joy that overspread my face when I looked it the mirror today, and no unsightly bulges could be seen anywhere on the compression garment. 

Perhaps it was appropriate that I reflected today. I was able to use it as teachable moment when my daughter teared up in the gym.  

“Why are you crying?” 

“I don’t feel it today,” she bawled. “It’s not going the way I planned.” 

“Strength training is not linear. Some days you’re full of energy, and other days you have to grind it out.” 

“But dad, you don’t understand.” 

“Enjoy the journey,” I admonished. “You asked me earlier was it, worth it? Anything worth having, is worth working for?  

I used my inability to wear compression garments at the time to fuel my transformation goals. I explained to my daughter, each person goal is different and what he or she uses to motivate themselves will ultimately determine if they wanted it bad enough to succeed.