The Mighty Oak (the Doctor is in)

Now that I have provided the necessary background information, I trust I have tied up all those red herrings, and can now finally share with you dear reader, what happened at the particular juncture, when I realized that after a year of working out, I was no closer to achieving my fitness goals. 

As I alluded to in an earlier article, I needed a plan, which is how I came to discover At the time when I joined, you were asked to state your fitness goals, and there were three depictions to illustrate the kind of physique you wanted. 

To the best of my recollection, it was a bodybuilder, an athlete, and normal but fit guy. The bodybuilder was depicted as a mesomorph body type. The athlete was portrayed as a lean mass body type holding a basketball, and the third was a transformed individual, who for all appearances, I would describe as being fit. 

I recalled picking the bodybuilder as my ideal physique, and was dismayed when it stated that it would take me three years to achieve that goal. I then clicked on the athlete, and again it stated three years. Reluctantly, I chose the fit physique, which resulted in the same number of years. 

Three years I scoffed! I had hoped for a quick and simple fix. I had already wasted a year, and now it would take me an additional three, to transform from my slovenly posture and distended midsection, to an individual with muscular definition, which could be clearly seen with every movement. 

I decided if it would take three years to accomplish, why not pick the bodybuilder’s physique. Although, looking back, I should have chosen the athlete, since my skeletal mass more resembled the gentleman that was depicted. 

I meticulously study the workout plans, and more importantly the philosophy behind each. I ultimately decided on Shortcut to Size, by Dr. Jim Stoppani. Keep in mind that the obvious reason for choosing this plan was to recoup, however foolish, the previous loss year, by taking a shortcut to gains. 

I did not know it then, but I was about to embark on a journey, which would lead to an invaluable lesson . . .