BMW . . .

As I reflected on why my transformation differed from others, I recalled an incident that helped shape my thought process and philosophy concerning health and fitness to what it is today. I share this information in the hopes that the reader can glean from this and subsequent incidents, the motivation to begin or continue on their journey.

This particular day was to be either cardio or a rest day, and I had chosen the former. The weather was great so I opted to do my cardio outside, and visited a local park with a track. I saw two women as I pulled in having an animated discussion.

I started stretching by the side of my car, and couldn’t help overhearing their conversation. It seemed as if one of the women was trying to persuade the other to join her on the track. As the rotund woman went into a tirade and shouted a litany of excuses, the other remained quiet.

“Are you finished,” she asked, when the other stopped speaking. “Now park your BMW, and let’s get moving!”

I was confused. Only two cars were in the parking lot, and neither was a BMW. I finished stretching and started running around the track. I happened to catch, the svelte of the two in stride, while the other was far behind.

“I make it a practice to mind my own business,” I said, excusing myself. “I couldn’t help hearing the exchange between you and your friend. You told her to park her BMW . . .”

“I don’t like to embarrass my friend,” she chuckled, glancing back. “You never know who might be listening. She let herself go after a messy divorce, and I’m trying to rebuild her confidence. Park the BMW, is my sweet and loving way of letting her know, to stop her,  Bitching, Moaning, and Whining.”

I smiled, nodded politely, and ran on.



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